The biggest U.S. state fairs are vibrant celebrations of everything that makes each state unique. They are the melting pot of American culture, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate their shared traditions and heritage. The sights and sounds of bustling fairgrounds, delicious local food wafting through the air, and the excitement of carnival rides lighting the night sky. 

Originally created to promote agriculture, state fairs in the USA this 2024 offer dazzling attractions, from live music and thrilling competitions to carnival rides and exhibitions showcasing the best local agriculture and craftsmanship. It’s where you can witness the competitive spirit of livestock shows or indulge in the guilty pleasure of deep-fried treats. In our blog, an adventure filled with fun, food, and festivities awaits.

Ohio State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Ohio State Fair

Photo from the Ohio State Fair Official Website

Date: July 24 to August 4

The Ohio State Fair is one of the top state fairs in the USA and will be held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. There’s something for everyone here, from concerts and sports competitions to exhibitions, a horse show, rides, and delicious food stalls. The Ohio State Fair also highlights Ohio’s creative arts, with competitions in categories like brick and duct tape creations. Don’t miss the concert lineup featuring KIDZ BOP, Alabama, with Jade Eagleson and La Zenda Norteña. Also, check out attractions like the iconic Butter Cow and new additions like Entertainment Alley and The Reflector & Sparkle. This year’s partnership with the Ohio History Connection gives everyone an admission ticket to freely access the Ohio History Center and Ohio Village.

Iowa State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Iowa State Fair

Photo from the Iowa State Fair Official Website

Date: August 8 to 18

The Iowa State Fair is one of the biggest fairs in the U.S. that attracts over a million attendees worldwide. It showcases the state’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment, and achievement. The Iowa State Fair offers educational exhibits, thrilling entertainment, delicious food, and competitive events. The fair also salutes Iowa’s agricultural and industrial accomplishments, providing an unparalleled experience of Midwestern culture and community spirit. Highlights of the 2024 Iowa State Fair include free concerts featuring The Family Stone, The Nadas, and Matt Stell, thrilling rides and games at Elwell Family Park and Thrill Parks, and delectable food offerings, including nearly 200 food stands and over 50 items available on a stick.

Missouri State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Missouri State Fair

Photo from the Missouri State Fair Official Website

Date: August 8 to 18

The Missouri State Fair is one of the state fairs in the USA you shouldn’t miss. If you’re considering checking out the Missouri State Fair, you’re in for a treat with their theme of Summer’s Best Story. When you arrive, swing by the Katy Depot, serving as Sedalia’s Visitor Center and a starting point for the Katy Trail State Park, a 240-mile-long trail. Inside, you’ll find exhibits delving into Sedalia’s history, shaped by railroads and cattle drives. A landmark called “Trail’s End” depicts a cowboy herding long-horn cattle along the Sedalia Branch of the Shawnee Trail. As for entertainment, the fair’s got you covered with concerts at the State Fair Grandstand featuring artists like Maggie Rose, Wyatt Flores, The Fray, and more. You can also expect classic fair attractions like tractor pulls, monster trucks, and auto races. Just a heads up, though, the 2024 fair won’t include the usual rodeo, bull riding, demolition derby, and tractor pulls due to some arena construction.

Minnesota State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Minnesota State Fair

Photo from the Minnesota State Fair Official Website

Date: August 22 to September 2

The Minnesota State Fair, known as “The Great Minnesota Get-Together,” is a vibrant celebration of state culture, agriculture, and community, attracting nearly 2 million visitors annually. As one of the top state fairs in the USA, it offers various entertainment, educational exhibits, and culinary delights. Key highlights of the 2024 fair include the Giant Slide, ‘Ye Old Mill’ boat ride, SkyGlider for aerial views, free concerts, and the Fine Arts building showcasing works by local artists. Food lovers can enjoy over 500 food items, including new treats each year. The fair also offers educational activities for all ages, such as the Oink Booth in the pig barn and various new attractions and exhibits that change annually.

Washington State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Washington State Fair

Photo from the Washington State Fair Official Website

Date: August 30 to September 22

The Washington State Fair is one of the biggest fairs in the U.S. It has a fantastic lineup of concerts featuring Foreigner, Lauren Daigle, and Wiz Khalifa. The fair has unique attractions like the Birthing Exhibit, where you can witness farm animals giving birth. Plus, a “farmer for a day” experience is perfect for families learning about Washington’s food and farming. Hobby Hall is an excellent spot with displays ranging from Legos to coin collections by local hobbyists. This 2024, the Umpqua Bank Concert Series offers 20 nights of top-notch entertainment and hosts the CINCH Playoffs for ProRodeo athletes.

Oklahoma State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Oklahoma State Fair

Photo from the Oklahoma State Fair Official Website

Date: September 12 to 22

The Oklahoma State Fair is one of the largest state fairs in the USA, with diverse attractions catering to all ages and interests. From thrilling carnival rides and livestock shows to educational exhibits and live performances, the fair offers lots of entertainment experience. You can indulge in food options, including foot-long corn dogs, root beer jugs, and bacon cheddar curds. This 2024, there will be Disney on Ice presentations of “Frozen” and “Encanto,” which families with kids will love. Musical performances and interactive educational opportunities will showcase Oklahoma’s agricultural and historical heritage, with thrilling rides like North America’s largest traveling Ferris Wheel, the Sky Eye Park Ferris Wheel.

Arizona State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Arizona State Fair

Photo from the Arizona State Fair Official Website

Date: September 20 to October 27

The Arizona State Fair is one of the largest fairs in the U.S., celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2024. The fair’s 2024 edition will feature a special birthday theme, offering diverse live entertainment, traditional fair fun with rides and games, and food vendors serving classic and new treats, including Birria Egg Rolls and upgraded churros and funnel cakes topped with peaches and cream. This event also offers thrilling carnival rides to live performances, in a festive atmosphere. Highlights include the iconic Coliseum Concert Series and Grandstand events, likely to feature races or demolition derbies. 

Virginia State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Virginia State Fair

Photo from the Virginia State Fair Official Website

Date: September 27 to October 6

The Virginia State Fair offers exciting attractions such as thrilling amusement rides by Deggeller Attractions, heart-pounding experiences at Midway Madness for thrill-seekers, and gentler rides at The Kidway for young visitors. The fair’s Main Stage will come alive with various live concerts spanning different musical genres to entertain fairgoers. Visitors can explore animal and livestock exhibitions featuring sliding ducks, hatching chicks, pigs, roosters, and the interactive Sheep & Goat Birthing Center to experience Virginia’s agricultural heritage. At The Meadow Pavilion and Heritage Village, you can learn about Virginia’s agricultural commodities, including Virginia Peanuts, Tobacco Board, and Soybeans. Additionally, the fair will feature a special Chainsaw Auction, where skilled artisans will showcase their craft. All proceeds will benefit scholarships, making it one of the best state fairs in 2024.

Texas State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - Texas State Fair

Photo from the Texas State Fair Official Website

Date: September 27 to October 20

The Texas State Fair is the biggest state fair in the USA, with 2.3 million attendees in 2023. It has everything you’d expect from a classic fair: carnival rides, livestock shows, and many competitive events. It is also famous for its unique and extensive food offerings, particularly the creative deep-fried treats that compete in the Big Tex Choice Awards. For entertainment, there are concerts, parades, and educational exhibits for the young and old. One of the highlights of the 2024 fair is seeing Big Tex himself, the iconic statue that greets visitors with a friendly “howdy, folks!” You’ll also find major events like the State Fair Classic and the Allstate Red River Showdown, which is a must-attend for college football fans. If you’re into cars or livestock, the auto show and exhibitions are a must-see, where you can check out the latest vehicles and livestock breeds.

South Carolina State Fair

Biggest U.S. State Fairs - South Carolina State Fair

Photo from the South Carolina State Fair Official Website

Date: October 9 to 20

The South Carolina State Fair will present exciting attractions and events. New rides and food options, including innovative treats like Steak Poutine Sundae, cookies, cream-topped funnel cakes, and elephant ears, will complement traditional fair favorites. The fair will introduce the CIRCUS, with free daily performances under a new tent to enhance the entertainment lineup. Visitors can enjoy the Heritage Village, featuring crafts, aqua painting, pottery displays, and a new glass blower exhibit. The fairgrounds will be bustling with roving shows, and the Academic Avenue Stage will showcase musical performances, dance groups, animal acts, magicians, and jugglers, making it one of the best fairs in the USA.

Looking ahead to the largest fairs in the U.S. this 2024, prepare for fun, learning, and local culture. These fairs celebrate where we come from, and you can have a great time with loved ones, from the tasty treats and exciting rides in Texas to the music and agriculture in Ohio and Washington. Whether you’re a music lover, an animal enthusiast, or just looking for a fun day out, these events are not to be missed. So, jump into the excitement and create lasting memories. Sign up on OneAir for seamless travel and affordable flights to these fantastic events.