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April Magic: Unveiling the Best Global Places to Travel in April

April 2, 2024

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As the world awakens from its winter slumber, April invites travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys to some of the best places to visit this magical month. With mild temperatures and captivating landscapes, April offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore destinations that blend natural beauty, cultural richness, and local traditions.


We’ve carefully curated a list of the 15 best places to travel in April, each offering a perfect balance of enchanting experiences and fewer crowds. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway beneath the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, a lively immersion in Seville’s Feria de Abril, or a family adventure hiking the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, April’s top destinations cater to every type of traveler.

Join us as we unveil 15 of the best holiday destinations in April, each carefully selected to inspire, delight, and ignite your wanderlust.

1. Kyoto, Japan

Best Places to Travel in April - Kyoto, Japan

April is the perfect time to visit Kyoto, as the former capital of Japan is transformed into a stunning wonderland of cherry blossoms. The city’s iconic temples, shrines, and gardens surround a sea of delicate pink and white petals, creating a magical atmosphere enchanting tourists.


One of the most captivating experiences during this time is the Miyako Odori, a series of elegant geisha dance performances at the historic Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater. These mesmerizing shows have traditionally showcased Kyoto’s geisha’s exquisite artistry and grace since 1872. 

Beyond the cherry blossoms and geisha performances, you can participate in tea ceremonies in serene gardens or wander around the historic Higashiyama district’s winding streets. With mild temperatures and fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months, Kyoto is a recommendable place to travel in April.

2. Seville, Spain

Best Places to Travel in April - Seville, Spain

During April, Seville undergoes a magnificent transformation as it becomes the center of attraction with its vibrant Seville Fair (Feria de Abril Festival). This week-long celebration of Andalusian culture is one of southern Spain’s most eagerly anticipated events, attracting locals and visitors. 


Seville’s fairgrounds come alive with hundreds of colorful casetas (tents) during the Feria. It’s where friends and families gather to dance the Sevillanas, a lively form of flamenco, and savor delectable tapas and sherry wine. The streets are filled with guitar strums and castanets as flamenco dancers in stunning traditional dresses showcase their passion and skill.

One of the highlights of the Feria is the daily horse parades, featuring beautifully decorated carriages and elegant Andalusian horses ridden by skilled riders in traditional attire. The parades wind through the city’s picturesque streets, adding to the festive ambiance that permeates every corner, making Seville one of the best places to travel in April.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Best Places to Travel in April - Bali, Indonesia

With its lush landscapes, serene temples, and perfect weather, Bali is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in April. This month marks the beginning of Bali’s dry season, offering visitors warm, sunny days and cool, comfortable nights. Check out some of the cheap hotels in Bali here.


The Semarapura Festival, held in late April, is a yearly celebration highlighting the region’s cultural heritage through traditional music, dance performances, art exhibitions, and food bazaars that showcase local delicacies. You can witness impressive Balinese arts and crafts displays, such as intricate wood carvings, colorful textiles, and beautiful paintings.


April is also the perfect time to explore the island’s rice terraces, such as the Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Ubud, or to lounge on the pristine beaches of Seminyak, Jimbaran, or Nusa Dua. Feel rejuvenated and deeply connected to Bali’s deep-rooted spirituality by paying respects at ancient temples like the cliff-top Uluwatu Temple and the Tirta Empul Temple with healing water springs.

4. Paris, France

Best Places to Travel in April - Paris, France

Paris is a wonderful place to visit in April, with famous parks like Luxembourg Gardens and Tuileries Garden adorned with colorful tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms. The mild temperatures and blooming gardens make for a perfect setting for exploration and romance.


April is a good time to visit Paris as it’s the shoulder season, meaning fewer crowds and shorter lines at popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Palace of Versailles. Explore the charming streets of Montmartre, indulge in French pastries, or sip café crème at a cozy sidewalk café while people-watching. It’s even possible to find a hotel in Paris close to all these attractions.


A unique way to explore the city is to partake in the annual Paris Marathon, usually held on the second Sunday of April. This event attracts runners worldwide to navigate a scenic course through the city’s most famous landmarks.


As the sun sets over the Seine River, bask in the romantic atmosphere of the City of Light, with its twinkling street lamps and the soft glow of the Eiffel Tower. Don’t miss the city’s outdoor markets, such as the Marché aux Fleurs.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A

Best Places to Travel in April - New Orleans

It’s always a party in New Orleans with a dazzling array of festivals and events, making it one of the best places to go in April. The city’s iconic French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods buzz with excitement as everyone celebrates the culture, music, and cuisine of the Big Easy.


The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, or “Jazz Fest,” is the crown jewel of April’s events. This festival lasts two weekends and offers an incredible lineup of musicians from various genres, including jazz, blues, rock, and funk. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in soulful music and savor the local cuisine, from delicious Creole and Cajun food.

April also kicks off the festival season with the French Quarter Festival, the largest free music festival in the South. Over 20 stages throughout the historic district showcase the best of New Orleans’ music scene, accompanied by food booths serving up classic dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets.

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Best Places to Travel in April - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in April. The mild temperatures and fewer crowds create the perfect atmosphere for exploring this stunning Croatian city. This makes it ideal for a boat trip to the nearby Elafiti Islands, where you can discover hidden coves, swim in crystal-clear waters, and savor fresh seafood at charming local restaurants.


Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a UNESCO-listed site that boasts cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and ancient city walls that offer stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. You can take a cable car to Mount Srđ for a bird’s eye perspective of the city or delve into its rich history by visiting the Rector’s Palace and Franciscan Monastery.

The city comes alive in late April with the Aklapela Festival, an annual celebration of traditional Croatian cappella singing known as klapa. Choral groups from all over the country gather in Dubrovnik to perform and compete, filling the streets and squares with this unique musical form’s haunting and beautiful melodies.

7. Marrakech, Morocco

Best Places to Travel in April - Marrakech, Morocco

Still looking for the best holiday destinations in April? Consider Marrakech, with its warm temperature perfect for exploring the bustling medina. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with colorful souks where you can haggle for traditional crafts, spices, and textiles.


Additionally, you can explore the city’s historic landmarks, such as the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace, and the Saadian Tombs, which showcase Marrakech’s intricate architecture and rich cultural heritage.


The city organizes the Jardin’art Festival in late April, celebrating art and nature in stunning gardens such as the Majorelle Garden and Menara Garden. Visitors can enjoy art exhibitions, seminars, and performances surrounded by lush vegetation and bright blossoms.


In the evening, visit the Djemaa el-Fna square to enjoy delicious food from food stalls and listen to live music. For a unique Moroccan experience, stay in a traditional riad — a house featuring an interior garden or courtyard and enjoy the warm hospitality of your local hosts. You can find some of the cheap hotels in Marrakech here.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best Places to Travel in April - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam comes alive with the arrival of spring, and the famous Keukenhof Gardens burst into full bloom. Throughout April, the city celebrates its iconic flower with the Tulip Festival, featuring tulip-themed events, exhibitions, and displays in museums, public spaces, and parks. 


In mid-April, coffee enthusiasts gather for the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, which celebrates the city’s thriving coffee culture. Attend tastings, workshops, and demonstrations to learn about the latest trends and techniques in the world of coffee. There’s no shortage of festivities this month, so it’s one of the best places to visit in April. 


Additionally, delight in the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, which offer a fascinating glimpse into Dutch art and culture. For a poignant experience, visit the Anne Frank House. Don’t forget to indulge in the Dutch atmosphere at the one-of-a-kind Bloemenmarkt – the world’s only floating flower market.

9. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Best Places to Travel in April - Chang Mai, Thailand

One of the best places to visit in April is Chiang Mai, Thailand, located in the north of the country. Known for its stunning temples, vibrant night markets, and delicious cuisine, the city truly comes alive during the Songkran Festival. This festive period will see larger crowds, so book your Thailand hotels in advance.


The Songkran Festival is among the most famous festivals in Thailand. During this event, the city’s Old Town transforms into a giant water fight zone with locals and tourists armed with water guns, buckets, and even elephants joining the fun. The festivities mostly occur around the Tha Pae Gate, where you’ll find street parties, live music, and food stalls selling traditional Thai snacks and drinks.


In addition to the water fights, Chiang Mai also hosts traditional Songkran events, such as the procession of the revered Phra Buddha Sihing image through the city streets and the sand pagoda building ceremony at local temples. When you’re not participating in the Songkran festivities, take the time to explore the city, including the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple and Nimmanhaemin Road area.

10. Crete, Greece

Best Places to Travel in April - Crete, Greece

After the cold winter, Crete is one of the best warm destinations to visit in April. As Greece’s largest island, it offers mild weather, fewer crowds, and fascinating cultural events in April. This month is also ideal for exploring Crete’s stunning beaches, ancient ruins, quaint villages and scoring cheap hotels in Greece.


April 23rd marks the celebration of Saint George’s Day, also known as the feast of Agios Georgios, one of Crete’s most significant events. Saint George is highly revered in Crete, and many villages and towns named after the saint hold festivities on this day. Join the celebrations in the village of Asi Gonia, where locals gather for a large feast and enjoy traditional music and dance performances.


While you’re here, enjoy the pleasant weather to explore Crete’s iconic attractions, such as the Palace of Knossos, the Samaria Gorge, and the charming Venetian harbor of Chania. Indulge in the island’s delicious cuisine, featuring fresh seafood, locally-grown vegetables, and the famous Cretan olive oil.

11. Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Best Places to Travel in April - Washington DC, USA

If you can’t make it to Japan, travel to Washington, D.C., instead this April. The city transforms into a breathtaking display of pink and white as thousands of cherry trees bloom, making it one of the best places to visit in April


The National Cherry Blossom Festival, which typically runs from mid-March to mid-April, celebrates the gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Japan to the United States in 1912. During the festival, visitors can stroll around the Tidal Basin, a man-made reservoir surrounded by cherry trees. Partake in the festivities, such as the Opening Ceremony, the Blossom Kite Festival, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. 


In addition to the cherry blossom festivities, visit the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian Museums, which offer free admission to their vast collections of art, history, and science exhibits. The mild spring weather is also perfect for walking or biking along the National Mall or attending a free concert at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.

12. Hanoi, Vietnam

Best Places to Travel in April - Hanoi, Vietnam

With pleasant temperatures and several cultural events, Hanoi is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel to in April for an immersive and authentic Vietnamese experience. 


One of the most significant festivals is the Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương (Hung Kings’ Temple Festival), a national holiday held on the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month. This festival commemorates the legendary Hung Kings who founded Vietnam, with various cultural activities and ceremonies occurring throughout the city.


Another notable event is Vietnam Book Day, celebrated on April 21st. This day highlights the importance of books and reading culture in Vietnam, with book fairs, exhibitions, and literary activities held across Hanoi.

While exploring the city, be sure to indulge in Hanoi’s renowned street food scene and sample delicious dishes like phở, bánh mì, and bún chả. Then, visit the Old Quarter to see temples and colonial buildings, walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, and admire the red bridge leading to Ngoc Son Temple.

13. Cartagena, Colombia

Best Places to Travel in April - Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a warm destination in April, perfect for soaking up the sun and wandering through the colorful streets of the historic Walled City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore attractions like the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, take a romantic horse-drawn carriage tour around the picturesque lanes of the Old Town, and immerse in the culture. 


Every year, in early April, Cartagena hosts the Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena (Cartagena International Film Festival), one of Latin America’s oldest and most prestigious film festivals. This event attracts film enthusiasts, directors, and actors from all over the world, showcasing a diverse selection of films from Colombia and beyond. 


Apart from admiring the arts and the stunning colonial architecture, take a leisurely stroll along the city’s picturesque Bocagrande and Castillogrande beaches, where you can relax on the soft sand, swim in the warm Caribbean waters, and savor delicious local cuisine at the beachside restaurants and cafes.

14. Lisbon, Portugal

Best Places to Travel in April - Lisbon, Portugal

April is a delightful time to visit Lisbon, with mild temperatures and fewer tourists, allowing you to explore the city’s historic neighborhoods at your own pace. Wander through the historic neighborhoods, admire the colorful buildings in Alfama, and ride the iconic Tram 2 for stunning views of the Tagus River. 


Those who love seafood are in for a treat when visiting Lisbon in April. The city hosts Peixe em Lisboa (Fish in Lisbon), an annual event celebrating Portugal’s rich seafood and fishing heritage. During this time, the nation’s top chefs gather to exhibit their dishes, allowing visitors to sample various fish and shellfish delicacies. 

Another important event Lisbon celebrates is the Festa de Liberdade (Freedom Day), a national holiday marking the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution of 1974. On April 25th, locals celebrate with parades, concerts, and various cultural events throughout the city. It’s a great opportunity to learn about Portugal’s history and experience one of the best holiday destinations in April.

15. Indio Valley, California, U.S.A.

Best Places to Travel in April - Indio Valley, California

Music and arts enthusiasts flock to the Indio Valley in California every April, as it hosts two of the world’s most well-known music festivals. The stunning desert scenery adds to its appeal, making it an inspiring place to travel in April


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an iconic event held over two weekends in mid-April, attracting top musicians, artists, and performers worldwide. This festival showcases an eclectic mix of music genres and stunning art installations and sculptures, creating a visually immersive experience.


Following Coachella, the Stagecoach Festival, held in late April, is the world’s largest country music festival. This three-day event showcases the biggest names in country music and up-and-coming artists, celebrating the genre’s rich heritage.


Aside from the music festivals, discover the stunning desert scenery of the Indio Valley. Go for a scenic hike through the nearby Joshua Tree National Park or play golf at one of the many world-class courses in the area, such as the PGA West or the Indian Wells Gold Resort.


April presents numerous opportunities for unforgettable travel experiences. From the cherry blossom-lined streets of Kyoto to the vibrant music festivals of Indio Valley, these 15 destinations showcase the very best of what April has to offer, answering the question, “Where is the best place to visit in April?” Let the warm spring breeze, the colorful blooms, and the festive spirit of April guide you as you discover new horizons and rediscover the joy of travel.

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