Dreaming of an epic getaway in 2024 but worried about high flight costs? With today’s competitive airline industry and savvy planning, finding cheap flights has never been more achievable. 

Whether spontaneously escaping to a tropical locale or meticulously planning a bucket list trip, knowing how to find cheap flights can make a huge difference in your travel budget. Affordable flights still exist, even in our inflationary times, when you know where and how to search. 

This guide outlines insider tips to unlock the best flight deals throughout 2024, empowering you to manifest your wanderlust goals on a budget. Read on to gain the skills to discover just how attainable discounted flights can be.

Be Flexible on Destination and Dates

Rather than choosing your destination and dates upfront, prioritize finding cheap plane tickets by exploring available prices across various locations and dates. This reversal allows you to identify affordable options and maximize savings before finalizing your travel plans. By embracing flexibility on destination and dates, you can significantly lower the cost of airfare.


To find cheap flights effectively, utilize Google Flights to search fares across various destinations and dates. Leverage the Google Flights Search Anywhere tool for maximum flexibility. This feature reveals the cheapest getaways based on your home airport and flexible date range, allowing you to explore multiple options simultaneously. 


By remaining open-minded with both destination and travel dates, you can unlock major savings opportunities. Mastering how to use Google Flights to find cheap flights is key to optimizing your travel budget.

Fly at Less Busy Times

The best time to book a cheap flight can vary depending on factors such as destination and travel dates. However, booking in advance, ideally within the recommended time frames, often results in the most affordable fares.


Avoid flying during peak summer from mid-June to mid-August, as well as the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, as these are the most expensive times to travel. It’s also wise to avoid peak seasons around popular festivals or events like St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin or Lunar New Year, when fares tend to spike.


Instead of specific days of the week or times being cheapest, aim to book within the “Goldilocks Windows” – periods when cheap fares are statistically most likely to be available. For domestic, that window is 1 to3 months out; internationally, it’s 2 to8 months prior. Keeping travel plans flexible within these prime booking periods is key to scoring low fares.

Explore Alternative Routes and Airlines

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to snagging great flight deals. Thinking outside the box by considering alternative routes and airlines can lead to big savings. 


If you’re wondering how to find cheap business class flights or how to find cheap first class flights, it’s worth checking out lesser-known carriers or booking during quieter times of the year. You might have to endure a layover or fly from a different airport, but the money you save could make it all worth it. 


For affordable premium class tickets, consider budget airlines and less-traveled routes.With creativity and an open mind, scoring a cheap first-class or business-class flight is doable.

Embrace Last-Minute Deals

Booking your flight as early as you can, even if it’s just a few days before you leave, is usually cheaper than waiting until the last minute. Finding cheap last-minute flight deals might seem tricky nowadays, but there are still ways to save money.


Consider using any available frequent flyer miles or travel credits to offset the cost of your flight. When flying internationally, search for flights to gateway or hub airports with cheaper fares, even if they’re not your final destination, and then explore budget carriers or alternative transportation options to reach your desired location. 

Compare fares from multiple airports if you’re within driving distance, and explore package deals that include flights, hotels, or car rentals for potential savings. You’ll learn how to find cheap last-minute flights by being resourceful and flexible.

Book Group Tickets Separately

When booking multiple tickets, airlines often group your entire party into a single fare category, known as a fare bucket. This can affect not only the cabin class but also any privileges associated with your ticket. 


While it’s not guaranteed towork every time, it’s worth considering buying tickets individually, especially for larger groups, as this may lead to cheaper fares. Doing so increases the chance of securing seats in the lowest-priced fare category for each traveler.


After booking, it’s a good idea to call the airline and ask them to link your bookings together. That means if there are any changes to your flight, they’ll apply to everyone in your group. And remember, when you’re looking for deals as a group, check out options on how to find cheap international flights, too.

Pay in Foreign Currency

Booking through a foreign airline’s website in their local currency can unlock major flight savings. By using the foreign version of an airline’s site and paying in a currency other than US dollars, fares are sometimes substantially cheaper — we’re talking hundreds of dollars in potential savings. 


It’s an easy trick worth trying, though only guaranteed to yield lower prices sometimes. However, when it works, the effort pays dividends towards optimizing your travel budget. 


Just be sure to book with a credit card with no foreign transaction fees to avoid extra charges. Though not foolproof, checking foreign sites in local currencies takes little time and offers the possibility of scoring a much better deal on flights abroad.

Cancel Free Within 24 Hours

Leveraging the 24-hour cancellation rule takes the stress out of booking flights when life gets busy. This handy regulation allows free cancellation on U.S. flights within the first 24 hours, so you can act fast and lock in an amazing fare, then finalize plans with work, family, etc. 


If anything changes or you find an even lower price, simply cancel and rebook before 24 hours elapsed with no loss. This provides total flexibility to grab last-minute deals as they pop up, knowing you have a 24-hour buffer to handle responsibilities or improved rates. 


No more fretting over purchase timing around flight sales or error fares. The 24-hour cancellation window has your back, making it easy to snag those tempting deals without regret as personal plans evolve. Use it as part of an overall strategy to land the lowest airfare confidently, no matter the chaos of daily commitments.

Use Schedule Changes

When airlines make significant changes to their flight schedules, passengers are entitled to a full refund by law.


Typically, airlines will rebook you on alternative flights, allowing you to potentially switch to more convenient departures, better routes, or even nonstop options. For example, if your original nonstop flight is changed to a one-stop journey, you may be able to switch to a more convenient departure time at no extra cost. 


Schedule changes allow travelers to improve their flight experience or get their money back if needed. Be on the lookout for changes that could benefit your travel plans, such as opportunities to upgrade to more comfortable seating or to accommodate changes in your schedule.

Leverage Flight Deal Alerts with OneAir

Ultimately, the best way to find cheap flights is by leveraging flight deal alerts with OneAir, an innovative travel app that unlocks unparalleled savings for members. Founded in 2020, OneAir uses AI technology to track millions of airfares and hotel rates worldwide. 


By accessing unpublished private discounts from over 700 global airlines and 2 million+ top-rated hotels, OneAir ensures travelers receive instant alerts when prices drop. Unlike traditional loyalty programs with complex status tiers, OneAir members can immediately access VIP rates typically reserved for elite members. 

Joining OneAir’s premium travel platform is the ultimate solution for savvy jetsetters seeking extraordinary vacations without overspending. With flight deals and perks tailored to your unique travel preferences, OneAir makes discovering how to find the lowest airfare prices simple and rewarding from the moment you sign up.


With the insider tips in this guide, scoring discounted flights in 2024 should be a breeze. From cleverly navigating the airline booking game to utilizing the right travel apps, you now have an arsenal of budget-friendly tips to manifest your dream vacations. Get ready to jet set the world over without draining your travel fund.