In the latest travel news, urban explorers and health-conscious tourists are increasingly gravitating toward the most walkable cities in the world. These destinations offer pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, efficient public transportation, and compact city layouts that make exploring on foot practical and truly delightful.

A comprehensive study by Compare the Market AU has unveiled the top ten most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world, providing invaluable insights for travelers seeking destinations where they can comfortably abandon their vehicles and embrace a more active, immersive vacation experience.

What are the best walkable cities in the world?

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Munich, Germany, claims the crown as the premier among the best walking cities in the world. This Bavarian capital enchants visitors with expansive pedestrian zones, where cobblestone streets wind past historic buildings and lively beer gardens. Munich’s English Garden, one of the world’s largest urban parks, offers miles of walking trails amidst lush greenery, contrasting the city’s architectural splendors.


Hot on Munich’s heels are Milan and Warsaw, two European gems that have invested heavily in pedestrian infrastructure. Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, boasts wide, tree-lined boulevards and an extensive network of pedestrian-only zones, allowing visitors to easily window-shop and sightsee. Rising from its war-torn past, Warsaw now shines as a model of modern urban planning with its revitalized Old Town and numerous green spaces connected by well-maintained walking paths.

Helsinki and Paris round out the top five, showcasing that Nordic efficiency and romantic Parisian charm can equally cater to pedestrians. Helsinki’s compact city center is a walker’s paradise, with most attractions within easy reach and scenic seaside promenades offering breathtaking views. Paris, the City of Light, needs no introduction – its wide boulevards, charming backstreets, and iconic landmarks make every step a journey through history and culture.

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Securing the sixth spot is Tokyo, Japan, a megacity that defies expectations by being one of the safest walkable cities. Despite its massive population, Tokyo’s intricate network of pedestrian pathways, impeccably clean streets, and efficient public transport make it a joy to explore on foot. From the serene gardens of the Imperial Palace to the bustling crosswalks of Shibuya, Tokyo offers a walking experience like no other.

Madrid, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam complete the top ten, each offering unique walking experiences that cement their status as some of the most walkable cities. Madrid’s grand avenues and bustling plazas pulse with Spanish energy, while Oslo’s innovative urban design blends city life with nature. Copenhagen, a pioneer in bicycle culture, is equally welcoming to pedestrians with its colorful waterfront districts and numerous parks. With its picturesque canals and charming narrow streets, Amsterdam invites visitors to lose themselves in its historic beauty.


As more travelers prioritize sustainability, personal well-being, and authentic experiences, these most walkable cities are poised to see an influx of visitors eager to explore their streets step by step. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast seeking to immerse yourself in local life, a fitness buff looking to stay active while traveling, or simply someone who enjoys the serendipitous discoveries that come with wandering through new environments, these pedestrian paradises offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your destination.

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