As we soar into 2024, the landscape of air travel continues to evolve. Airlines worldwide are working to provide exceptional experiences to passengers. In this latest travel news update, we’ll explore the standout carriers for U.S. travelers looking to explore the world or simply jet across the country. 


Qatar Airways holds the crown for those who are wondering which is the world’s best airline, but competition remains fierce among the top carriers. It’s worth noting that Singapore Airlines held this title as the world’s best airline in 2023, showcasing the dynamic nature of the aviation industry.

Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of the aviation industry, as recognized by the prestigious Skytrax ranking, and discover what sets the world’s best airlines apart.

Global Leaders in Aviation Excellence

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1. Qatar Airways

Previously in second place, Qatar Airways has clinched the top spot in the Skytrax ranking for 2024, earning the title of the world’s best airline. Known for its luxurious offerings and impeccable service, this Middle Eastern carrier continues to set the gold standard in air travel. From its state-of-the-art Qsuite business class to its extensive global network, Qatar Airways offers travelers a taste of opulence in the skies.

2. Singapore Airlines

Although Singapore Airlines was dethroned by Qatar Airways this year, the Singaporean carrier maintains its reputation for excellence and has secured the second position among the world’s best airlines. Renowned for its exceptional service, gourmet cuisine, and cutting-edge entertainment systems, this airline offers a seamless experience from check-in to arrival. U.S. travelers flying to Asia or beyond will appreciate the airline’s attention to detail and commitment to passenger comfort.

3. Emirates

Emirates, Dubai’s flag carrier, jumped from fourth place to third this year and continues to impress with its lavish amenities and extensive route network. As one of the world’s best airlines, Emirates offers U.S. passengers direct flights to Dubai from several major cities, connecting to destinations worldwide. The airline’s iconic A380 aircraft, complete with onboard showers and a bar for premium passengers, exemplifies luxury air travel.

4. ANA All Nippon Airways

Japan’s largest airline dropped one place down in 2024. However, this carrier continues showcasing the best Japanese hospitality and efficiency. With a growing presence in the U.S. market, ANA offers transpacific flights that blend comfort with cutting-edge technology,  solidifying its place among the world’s best airlines. Its unique approach to customer service, deeply rooted in Japanese culture, provides a refreshing experience for American travelers.

5. Cathay Pacific Airways

Despite recent challenges, Cathay Pacific remains among the world’s best airlines. From eighth place in 2023, Cathay has risen to fifth this year. Known for its excellent long-haul services, the airline offers U.S. travelers a gateway to Asia and beyond. Its premium economy class is particularly noteworthy, offering extra comfort at a more accessible price point.

6. Japan Airlines

From fifth place in 2023 to sixth place in 2024, Japan Airlines (JAL) continues to impress with its commitment to omotenashi – the Japanese spirit of hospitality. Travelers will appreciate JAL’s punctuality, high-quality onboard meals, and spacious seating, even in economy class. Securing its place among the world’s best airlines, JAL’s transpacific routes are a favorite among those seeking a comfortable journey to Japan and beyond.

7. Turkish Airlines

As a major player connecting East and West, Turkish Airlines maintains its position among the world’s best airlines, albeit dropping from sixth to seventh. Turkish Airlines offers extensive options for reaching European, Asian, and African destinations. The airline’s Istanbul hub provides an excellent opportunity for stopovers, allowing passengers to explore this historic city between flights. Turkish Airlines is also known for its outstanding catering, even in economy class.

8. EVA Air

EVA Air has climbed the ranks from ninth to eighth place, solidifying its position among the world’s best airlines. With its modern fleet and strong focus on customer satisfaction, this Taiwanese carrier provides an excellent option for U.S. travelers looking for flights to Asia. EVA Air’s premium economy product is highly praised for its comfort and value.

9. Air France

Representing European carriers in the top 10, Air France brings a touch of French sophistication to the world’s best airlines list. Previously in seventh place, AFR dropped to ninth. U.S. travelers can enjoy direct flights to Paris from several major cities, connecting to destinations across Europe, Africa, and beyond. The airline’s commitment to French cuisine and wine selection adds a gourmet touch to the flying experience.

10. Swiss International Air Lines

In 2023, SWISS ranked 12th among Skytrax’s list of best airlines. This year, Swiss International Air Lines,  known for its reliability and efficiency, rounds out the world’s top 10 airlines. U.S. travelers flying to Switzerland or connecting to other European destinations will appreciate the airline’s punctuality and attention to detail. The carrier’s focus on Swiss hospitality and cuisine provides a taste of Alpine culture from the moment you step onboard.

North American Excellence: The Best Airlines for Domestic Travel

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While global carriers dominate the top rankings, several North American airlines have maintained more-than-satisfactory services. For U.S. travelers primarily flying within the continent, here are the top performers:

1. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has emerged as the top North American carrier, setting new customer service and operational efficiency standards. Delta’s Director of Global Communications, Ralph Albus, expressed pride in the airline’s achievement, stating, “Winning these awards underscores how our dedication to providing the very best travel experience is appreciated by the 200 million customers who choose to fly with Delta every year.” DAL ranked 20th in Skytrax’s World’s Best Airlines of 2024.

2. Air Canada

Our northern neighbor’s flag carrier, Air Canada, secures the second spot among North American airlines and 29th among the World’s Best Airlines of 2024. With a modernized fleet and improved service offerings, Air Canada provides U.S. travelers with excellent options for flights to Canada and international destinations.

3. United Airlines

United Airlines has significantly improved recently, climbing to third place among North American carriers. In 2023, It ranked 49th and now ranks 42nd on the list of the world’s best airlines. With an extensive domestic network and growing international presence, United offers travelers a wide range of business and leisure travel options.

4. Porter Airlines

This Toronto-based airline continues to impress, focusing on passenger comfort and convenience. While primarily serving destinations in Canada and the northeastern United States, Porter Airlines made a huge leap from the 99th to the 57th position on the list of the world’s best airlines. Porter Airlines offers a premium economy-style service on all flights, setting it apart from many competitors.

5. Air Transat

Catering primarily to leisure travelers, Air Transat offers U.S. passengers affordable options for reaching vacation destinations in Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. The airline’s focus on holiday travel is reflected in its service offerings and route network. Previously, it was in 62nd place, but now It is in 59th place on Skytrax’s World’s Best Airlines of 2024 ranking.

6. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is well-known for its strong presence in the western United States. The airline continues to expand its network and is currently ranked 59th among the top 100 airlines in the world. U.S. travelers value the airline for its friendly staff, on-time performance, and commitment to sustainability.

7. WestJet

Another Canadian carrier making waves in the North American market, WestJet offers U.S. travelers competitive flight options to Canada and select international destinations. The airline’s down-to-earth approach and focus on value have earned it a loyal following and a spot on the world’s top airline list. WestJet sits comfortably at 64th place this year and last.

8. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is a favorite among U.S. travelers, ranking at 65th this year. It’s known for its comfortable seats, free in-flight entertainment, and friendly service. The airline’s expansion into transatlantic routes offers new options for East Coast passengers looking to travel to Europe, making it a rising star on the world’s top airline list.

9. American Airlines

As one of the largest airlines in the world, American Airlines continues to evolve its offerings to meet changing passenger expectations. From 82nd place last year, it jumped to 78th on the world’s top airline list. With an extensive domestic and international network, American Airlines provides travelers with a wide range of options for reaching their destinations.

10. Allegiant Air

Rounding out the North American top 10 airlines is Allegiant Air which was previously in 121st place. It’s now 82nd on the world’s top airline list and caters to budget-conscious travelers with its low-cost model. While focusing primarily on leisure routes, Allegiant offers U.S. passengers affordable options for reaching popular vacation destinations.

As we navigate the skies in 2024, U.S. travelers have more domestic and international travel options than ever. Whether you’re seeking luxury on a long-haul flight or value on a quick domestic hop, the airlines recognized in this year’s rankings offer something for every type of traveler. 

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