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10 Spring Festivals To Join Around The World

April 17, 2024

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Spring is a season of new beginnings, hope, and celebration. One of the best ways to embrace this colorful period is by participating in some of the most incredible spring festivals around the world. These festivals are diverse and range from colorful to cultural, each with unique traditions and customs. Participating in some of these spring celebrations is a great way to feel inspired and embrace the seasonal changes. Here are some of the best spring festivals in 2024 that you can join and experience for yourself.

1. Holi Festival, India

Spring Festivals Around the World - Holi Festival, India

The Holi Festival is a vibrant celebration of the triumph of good over evil, which is held throughout India in March. It is also known as the “Festival of Colors,” where participants throw vibrant powders and water at each other, creating a riot of colors. The festival lasts two days, where the first day, Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi, features bonfires. On the second day, the main festival of Holi, people gather in the streets to smear each other with colored powder and water, letting loose and strengthening bonds with loved ones. 


This spring festival is a time for forgiveness, unity, and joy, with the colors representing various aspects of life and emotions. Holi is a mesmerizing experience that showcases India’s rich cultural heritage and attracts people from around the world eager to immerse themselves in the magic of this unforgettable celebration.

2. Hanami, Japan

Spring Festivals Around the World - Hanami, Japan

Hanami is a Japanese tradition of “flower viewing” celebrating cherry blossoms’ fleeting beauty. People flock to parks and gardens as spring arrives to enjoy picnics underneath the delicate pink and white blooms. The most famous spot for hanami is Ueno Park in Tokyo, where over 1,000 cherry trees create a breathtaking display. However, there are also other stunning cherry blossom displays throughout Japan, such as the tranquil gardens of Kyoto to the majestic Mount Yoshino.

During hanami, everyone gathers to enjoy food, drink, and good company beneath the gentle rain of petals. People bring picnic baskets filled with traditional Japanese snacks and drinks, such as onigiri rice balls, dango sweet dumplings, and sake. This spring festival‘s timing varies depending on the region and weather conditions but typically falls between late March and early May.

3. Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

Spring Festivals Around the World - Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

If you’re looking for a spring festival celebration that combines fun, refreshment, and cultural immersion, the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand is an unbeatable choice. This exuberant three-day celebration occurs annually in mid-April, marking the Thai New Year. It’s famous for its lively street water fights. Locals and tourists arm themselves with water guns, buckets, and hoses, engaging in good-natured battles to wash away the previous year’s negativity and welcome a fresh start.


The origins of the festival lie in the ancient practice of pouring water over Buddha statues and elders’ hands as a sign of respect and purification. Today, the tradition has evolved into a joyous countrywide water fight that symbolizes cleansing and renewal. People of all ages take to the streets, dancing to lively music and enjoying the cool respite from the hot Thai sun. Colorful parades, traditional performances, and delicious street food enhance the festive atmosphere.

4. White House Easter Egg Roll, USA

Spring Festivals Around the World - White House Easter Egg Roll, USA

The White House Easter Egg Roll is an American spring celebration that has captured the hearts of families since 1878. It takes place every Easter Monday on the beautiful South Lawn of the White House to celebrate spring, childhood, and community. The day is filled with exciting activities, including egg rolling races, where children use wooden spoons to roll colorful eggs across the grass. 


Live music fills the air as bands and performers take to the stage while storytellers captivate young audiences with tales of wonder and adventure. The President and First Lady also make special appearances and join the festivities, greeting families with warmth and joy. Children can participate in egg hunts and search for hidden treasures among the flowerbeds. They can even meet the Easter Bunny for a memorable photo opportunity. 

5. Holland Tulip Festival, Netherlands

Spring Festivals Around the World - Holland Tulip Festival, Netherlands

The Holland Tulip Festival, also known as the “Tulip Time Festival,” is an awe-inspiring spring festival held annually in the Netherlands during April and May. The festival turns the Dutch countryside into a vibrant display of floral beauty, with the Keukenhof Gardens serving as the main attraction. It boasts over 7 million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths that create a dazzling kaleidoscope of color.


In addition to the Keukenhof Gardens, the festival features a variety of events and activities that celebrate Dutch culture and heritage. Visitors can explore the meticulously landscaped gardens, admire the beautiful floats in the Flower Parade, and tour local tulip fields and greenhouses to learn about the cultivation process. The festival also offers a range of cultural experiences, including traditional Dutch music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and markets selling handcrafted souvenirs and delectable Dutch treats.

6. Moriones Festival, Philippines

Spring Festivals Around the World - Moriones Festival, Philippines

The Moriones Festival is an extraordinary Lenten celebration held annually during Holy Week in Marinduque, Philippines. This captivating festival revolves around the reenactment of the story of Saint Longinus. He was the Roman centurion who pierced Jesus Christ’s side during the crucifixion and later converted to Christianity. Local men, known as “Morions,” dress up as Roman soldiers, wearing elaborate masks and intricately designed costumes that showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of the region.

While not your usual spring celebration, the Moriones Festival embodies the theme of hope and renewal. The festival features vibrant processions, with the Morions marching through the streets, accompanied by brass bands and followed by devout crowds. Street plays, or “sinakulo,” are performed, depicting scenes from the life and passion of Christ, with the Morions playing central roles. The festival’s highlight is the reenactment of Saint Longinus’ search for Christ, culminating in his dramatic conversion.

7. Las Fallas, Spain

Spring Festivals Around the World - Las Fallas, Spain

Las Fallas is a popular spring festival celebrated every March in Valencia, Spain. The festival is renowned for its impressive and satirical sculptures called “ninots,” which are crafted by local artists throughout the year. These ninots, which can reach several stories high, depict a wide range of subjects, from political figures to popular culture icons. They’re displayed throughout the city’s plazas and streets.


On La Cremà, the festival’s final night, the ninots are set on fire, creating a breathtaking display of fire and art. This symbolizes the burning away of the past and the welcoming of spring. A dazzling fireworks display illuminates the night sky while music fills the air and street parties take over the city. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, enjoying traditional Valencian cuisine, such as paella, and participating in the lively festivities.

8. Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival, South Korea

Spring Festivals Around the World - Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival, SK

The Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is a magnificent celebration in spring that takes place on Yeouido Island in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. This enchanting festival showcases the breathtaking beauty of over 1,400 cherry trees lining the streets, creating a mesmerizing canopy of delicate pink and white blooms. Immerse yourself in the season’s magic as the gentle spring breeze carries the sweet fragrance of the blossoms.


The festival offers various activities for all ages, from picnicking beneath the cherry trees to taking a romantic stroll along the picturesque Han River. Photographers and nature enthusiasts flock to capture the stunning floral displays while families and friends gather to create memories. The festival also features various cultural events and performances, such as traditional music and dance, showcasing the rich heritage of South Korea. Let’s not forget the delectable street food and unique handcrafted souvenirs you can purchase.

9. Azalea Festival, USA

Spring Festivals Around the World - Azalea Festival, USA

Wilmington in North Carolina, hosts the Azalea Festival every April, a dazzling spring celebration. The festival is a treat for the senses, showcasing the beautiful azalea flower in all its glory. The flower blooms in a range of stunning colors and can be seen throughout the city’s lush gardens and parks. You can explore the vibrant azalea displays by taking part in garden tours, where you can learn about the different flower species and admire the intricate landscaping.


In addition to the stunning azalea displays, the festival also offers various exciting events. Art lovers can enjoy the works of local and regional artists at the festival’s art shows. The grand parade is a highlight of the festival, with colorful floats, lively marching bands, and beautifully crafted azalea-themed displays filling the streets. Foodies can indulge in delicious local cuisine at the festival’s many food vendors, and music lovers can enjoy live performances from a variety of genres.

10. Cimburijada, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Spring Festivals Around the World - Cimburijada, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cimburijada, also called the “Festival of Scrambled Eggs,” is an unusual spring festival that occurs every year on the first day of spring in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This peculiar event revolves around the preparation and consumption of large quantities of scrambled eggs, prepared in enormous pans located on the scenic banks of the Bosna River.


Local and tourists come together to participate in this extraordinary food event, where experienced chefs cook scrambled eggs using traditional recipes passed down through generations. The festival’s roots are based on commemorating the renewal of life and the start of spring, with the egg representing fertility and new beginnings. As the aroma of scrambled eggs fills the air, people come together to share in the feast, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.


Spring festivals around the world are a time of incredible diversity. From the vibrant Holi Festival to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Festival of Scrambled Eggs, these festivals offer a chance to immerse yourself in different cultures and traditions. Whether you’re joining the Songkran Festival in Thailand or marveling at the tulips in the Netherlands, you’re sure to create unforgettable memories at the spring festivals this 2024!

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