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Cheap flights to Italy


Whether you are exploring ancient Roman sites in Rome, admiring Renaissance art in Florence, or cruising along picturesque canals in Venice, Italy is a treasure trove of cultural and historical experiences. From the fashion capital of Milan to the vibrant seafront of Naples, this beautiful country offers a diverse range of attractions for every traveler.    Unlock substantial savings on your Italian adventure with our comprehensive guide. We offer insider tips and practical strategies to assist you in discovering affordable flights to Italy. By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on an unforgettable, budget-friendly exploration of the enchanting wonders of The Bel Paese, the Beautiful Country. 



Top Airlines Offering the Cheapest Flights to Italy


A direct flight is a convenient and quick way to reach the alluring landscapes of Italy, making it a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers. There are several airlines that offer cost-effective, cheap flights to Italy from USA. Here are some of the leading ones:



Alitalia, the flagship carrier of Italy, offers direct cheap flights to Italy from NYC or New York,  cheap flights to Italy from LAX or Los Angeles, and cheap flights to Italy from Boston (BOS). The frequency of these flights is daily, ensuring passengers have ample options for scheduling.



Delta Airlines provides nonstop flights to Rome (FCO) from key cities in the U.S., including cheap flights to Italy from Atlanta and New York (JFK). These services run on a daily basis, offering convenience to passengers of various schedules.


American Airlines

American Airlines operates direct, cheap flights to Italy from Chicago (ORD), as well as from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Charlotte (CLT) to Rome (FCO). These flights are offered daily, allowing travelers to select departures that best align with their trip plans.


United Airlines

United Airlines offers direct, daily flights to Rome (FCO) from its primary U.S. hubs, including cheap flights to Italy from SFO, cheap flights to Italy from DC via Washington (IAD), and from New Jersey via Newark (EWR). These services provide a seamless travel experience for passengers flying from the United States to Italy.   Pro Tip: Enhance your travel planning by signing up with OneAir AI today. Our user-friendly platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to offer you personalized flight options and access to great deals.  





Find Major Airports in Italy


Italy boasts a network of major airports that connect the country to the world, each providing a range of transportation options to reach your desired destinations. Here is an overview of the primary airports in Italy and the transportation choices they offer.


Rome Fiumicino Airport 

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) stands as Italy’s busiest airport and enjoys a strategic central location, often making it the most cost-effective entry point for travelers. As the largest airport in Italy, FCO offers an extensive network of flights connecting both domestic destinations Milan (MXP), Naples (NAP), and Venice (VCE), as well as international cities around the globe. Travelers can access various ground transportation options, including the convenient Leonardo Express train to central Rome, taxis, and airport shuttles.


Milan Malpensa Airport 

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) serves as another significant gateway in Italy, offering an ideal choice for those looking to explore Milan and venture to central and northern Italian destinations like Bologna and Tuscany. As a pivotal northern hub, MXP accommodates a range of domestic and international airlines, with domestic routes connecting Milan (MXP) to cities such as Rome (FCO), Naples (NAP), and Palermo (PMO). Travelers can easily access the swift and convenient Malpensa Express for a quick journey to Milan city center, while taxis and car rental services (MXP) are readily available for added convenience.


Venice Marco Polo Airport 

  Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE), nestled in the Veneto region, serves as an excellent choice for travelers planning to explore Venice and its neighboring destinations. This airport stands as the gateway to the romantic city of Venice and other charming cities within the Veneto region. Airlines such as Volotea and easyJet offer convenient domestic flights connecting Venice (VCE) to cities like Rome (FCO), Palermo (PMO), and Bari (BRI). To reach the heart of Venice, visitors can rely on the Alilaguna ferry, while buses and taxis efficiently serve the mainland areas.


Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport 

  Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ), located in the Emilia Romagna region, offers a convenient choice for travelers looking to explore cities such as Florence (FLR), Pisa (PSA), and Rimini (RMI). BLQ facilitates flights to major Italian cities like Rome (FCO), Milan (MXP), and Venice (VCE) through reputable airlines, including Ryanair and Alitalia. Travelers can access a range of ground transportation options, including the Aerobus service for a seamless journey to Bologna city center, along with easily available taxis and car rental services.


Naples International Airport 

Naples International Airport (NAP), situated in southern Italy, is a bustling airport that facilitates both domestic and international travel. Ideally located in proximity to the city, NAP offers a range of flights to various Italian cities, including Milan (MXP), Rome (FCO), and Venice (VCE). Travelers can choose from several reputable carriers like Volotea, easyJet, and Ryanair. Access to Naples city center is made easy through the efficient Alibus shuttle service, while taxis and car rental options (NAP) provide additional convenience for onward journeys.



Compare Prices for Nonstop, One-Stop, and Two-Stop Flights


Here’s a breakdown of plane tickets to Italy (Rome Fiumicino Airport) when flying from Chicago:


Comparison for Economy

Round trip Nonstop One-stop Two-stop
American $3,504 (ORD)
Turkish Airlines $1,403 (ORD)
Scandinavian Airlines $1,189 (ORD)


One-way Nonstop One-stop Two-stop
American $1,025 (ORD)
Icelandair $820 (ORD)
Delta $993 (MDW)


Comparison for Premium Economy

Round trip Nonstop One-stop Two-stop
United $6,700 (ORD)  $2,970 (ORD) 
Brussels Airlines & United $3,058 (ORD)


One-way  Nonstop One-stop Two-stop
United $4,052 (ORD)
Delta & ITA $1,444 (ORD)
JetBlue, Condor & Lufthansa $1,415 (ORD) 


Comparison for Business Class

Round trip Nonstop One-stop Two-stop
United & Lufthansa $11,556 (ORD) 
Swiss $9,937 (ORD) 
Austrian & United $10,708 (ORD)


One-way Nonstop One-stop Two-stop
United & Lufthansa $7,277 (ORD) 
Aer Lingus $5,260 (ORD) 
Icelandair & ITA $2,267


Comparison for First Class

One-way One-stop Two-stop
Lufthansa $9,060 (ORD)
United & Swiss $9,065 (ORD)


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Find the Cheapest Time to Fly to Italy


Identifying the best time to visit Italy can significantly impact your budget and overall travel experience. Throughout the year, Italy experiences varying weather conditions and levels of crowd density, which in turn influence accommodation rates, airfares, and the overall atmosphere of your visit.   For those looking to manage their budget, the most economical times to plan a trip to Italy are during the shoulder seasons, which encompass spring (April to June) and fall (September and October). In contrast, the highest travel costs are typically encountered in the summer months (July and August) when tourism is at its highest, as well as during the winter holiday season.   To capitalize on off-peak opportunities and avoid the peak tourist seasons, flexibility in travel planning is key. Consider keeping your travel dates open and regularly monitor airfare and hotel rates to catch any price drops.  Pro Tip: Online tools like OneAir AI can be invaluable in tracking these fluctuations, helping you secure the best deals for your Italian adventure.    




How to get cheap flights to Italy?

To secure cheap flights to Italy, be flexible with your travel dates, prefer mid-week flights, and compare prices across platforms. Simplify the process with OneAir AI, an AI-powered travel planning tool that tracks and alerts you about price drops while customizing your journey for both savings and comfort.

When is the best time to visit Italy?

The best time of year to visit Italy largely depends on your interests and the regions you plan to explore. However, the months of April to June and September to October are generally considered the most favorable times to visit Italy due to the balanced weather conditions and fewer tourist crowds.   No matter when you decide to visit, Italy’s cultural richness and historical significance will undoubtedly make your trip memorable. However, it’s important to be aware of some festivals and events that may impact your travel plans:  


    • Carnival in Venice (January-February): The Venice Carnival, known for its elaborate costumes and masks dating back to the 11th century and revived to promote Venetian culture, is celebrated across the city with masquerade balls, parades, and music. During this unique festival, the city’s squares transform into open-air theaters presenting exciting performances. While it’s a fantastic time to experience the city’s unique culture, be prepared for large crowds and higher prices.
    • Easter (March/April): Easter in Italy is a nationwide celebration marked by a week of solemn processions during Holy Week leading to Easter Sunday. Families and friends get together for a special meal with lamb and artichokes, and the day after Easter, called La Pasquetta, is when people go to the countryside for picnics and fun. Many businesses and attractions may be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so plan your activities accordingly.
    • White Night Festival (September): The White Night Festival in Rome is a vibrant all-night celebration of art, music, and culture. You can experience ballet performances, outdoor art exhibitions, concerts by Italian musicians, cultural events, and captivating shows, all for free. To make the most of it, consider booking accommodations in advance, as this popular event can lead to high demand for hotels.
    • Verona Opera Festival (June-September): The Verona Opera Festival in Italy lets you experience opera and the arts in the historic Arena di Verona, an ancient Roman amphitheater for up to 30,000 spectators. Highlights include opera and ballet by world-renowned artists, art exhibitions in the streets, concerts with Italian musicians, cultural events, and appearances by opera legends like Plácido Domingo. Be prepared for potentially larger crowds, and plan your transportation within Verona accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
    • Chianti Wine Festival (September): The Chianti Wine Festival, held in the charming town of Greve in Chianti, Tuscany, is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts. This annual celebration showcases Chianti Classico wine, distinct from regular Chianti, and allows visitors to indulge in wine tastings from various regional producers. Beyond wine, you can enjoy art exhibitions, concerts, cultural events, guided tours of churches and castles, and witness local artisans at work.  To maximize your experience, book accommodations early, as this popular festival draws wine lovers from afar.

How long is a flight to Italy?

A direct flight to Italy from the USA varies between 8 and 10 hours, depending on your departure and arrival airports. Here is a list of some of the major U.S. cities and their corresponding flight times to Italy, assuming nonstop flights:  
  • Direct flights from Boston to Italy: Approximately 8 hours and 4 minutes
  • Direct flights from San Francisco to Italy: Approximately 13 hours and 10 minutes
  • Direct flights from New York to Italy: Approximately 9 hours and 50 minutes
  • Direct flights from Los Angeles to Italy: Approximately 12 hours and 50 minutes
  • Direct flights from Chicago to Italy: Approximately 10 hours and 5 minutes
  • Direct flights from Washington to Italy: Approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes
  • Direct flights from Miami to Italy: Approximately 11 hours and 10 minutes
  It is important to note that these times are for nonstop flights and that actual flight times may vary depending on factors such as wind speeds, airport wait times, and possible equipment or weather delays. In addition, flights with stops can take longer, sometimes up to 15 hours or more, but these often come with cheaper plane tickets to Italy.

What are the airports operating flights to Italy?

The major airports that operate flights to Italy are New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Miami International Airport (MIA), and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). These airports connect to Italy’s main hubs: Rome (FCO), Milan (MXP), and Venice (VCE).

Which airlines fly to Italy?

Several airlines, such as Alitalia, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines, offer direct flights from major U.S. cities like Boston (BOS), New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), Miami (MIA), San Francisco (SFO), and Washington, D.C. (IAD), to Italy’s prime destinations, including Rome (FCO), Milan (MXP), and Venice (VCE). Searching for cheap flights to Italy from UK? British Airways, a full-service airline, offers cheap flights to Italy from London, specifically to destinations like Rome (FCO), Milan (MXP), and Venice (VCE).

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