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Cheap flights to Singapore


Unlocking cheap flights to Singapore is a pursuit for many travelers, and navigating airfare options can be challenging. Rest assured, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to imagine a world where the wonders of Singapore are within reach. Say goodbye to travel budget worries, and hello to the Lion City!    



Top Airlines Offering Cheap Flights to Singapore


If you are looking for cheap plane tickets to Singapore, the following airlines often offer the best flight deals:  

  • Singapore Airlines: To reach Southeast Asia, take a New York (JFK) to Singapore (SIN) Suite flight with a layover in Frankfurt (FRA). Alternatively, nonstop flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles are available, but they only offer business class and premium economy options.
  • EVA Air: EVA Air is the top choice for passengers flying from San Francisco to Singapore. Its delectable in-flight menu is an added incentive to choose Eva Air. You have multiple options with six daily flights between San Francisco and Singapore. The earliest departure is at 12:20, while the last flight leaves at 23:50.
  • Cathay Pacific: Cathay Pacific serves 74 international destinations in 30 countries, including five cities in the United States: Boston, Chicago-O’Hare, Los Angeles, New York-John F. Kennedy, and San Francisco. There are no direct flights between San Francisco (SFO) and Changi Airport, so a stopover will be part of your journey. For travelers heading from SFO to SIN, you can select from at least three daily Cathay Pacific flights.
  • Asiana Airlines: Asiana Airlines provides a wide range of domestic and international flight options, spanning destinations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. For flights from the United States to Singapore, passengers can expect layovers in Seoul, South Korea.
  • United Airlines: United Airlines provides regular direct flights from San Francisco to Singapore. With no less than 10 weekly flights, United Airlines ensures ample availability on the SFO to SIN route. The journey from SFO to SIN typically takes around 18 hours and 3 minutes.





Find Major Airports in Singapore


 Singapore has two major commercial airports: Singapore Changi Airport and Seletar Airport. These hubs are the gateways for domestic and international flights. Additionally, restricted-access airports like Changi Air Base, Paya Lebar Air Base, Sembawang Air Base, Tengah Air Base, and Pulau Sudong Airport are exclusively for military and authorized personnel.   Changi Airport (SIN) is Singapore’s primary hub, while Seletar Airport (XSP) caters to various aviation needs, including international charters, private flights, training, and maintenance. It handles scheduled commercial flights, providing a secondary option for turbo-prop aircraft and eases traffic from Changi Airport.    For travelers moving between Changi Airport and Seletar Airport, options include taxis, private cars, or buses. It takes around 1 hour and 29 minutes and covers a distance of roughly 20 kilometers.    



Compare Prices for Direct (Nonstop) Flights and One-Stop Flights


Here’s a breakdown of cheap plane tickets to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) when flying from San Francisco (SFO) Airport.



Round trip One-stop Nonstop
United Airlines   $1202
EVA Air $1372  


One-way One-stop Nonstop
Japan Airlines $812  
United Airlines   $865


Premium Economy 

Round trip One-stop Nonstop
EVA Air $2310  
Singapore Airlines   $2510


One-way One-stop Nonstop
Cathay Pacific $1194  
Singapore Airlines   $1939


Business Class

Round trip One-stop Nonstop
United Airlines $5795 $5785


One-way One-stop Nonstop
Asiana Airlines   $2485  
United Airlines   $3190


First Class

Roundtrip One-stop
Multiple Airlines $10976


One-way One-stop
Multiple Airlines $5962






The Cheapest Time to Fly to Singapore


The cheapest time to visit Singapore is in September, during the hot summer. Singapore is warm all year, without typical seasons. This means you can find cheap flights to Singapore from USA throughout the year. The best time for cheap flights is during the tropical rains in November. July and August, when it’s really warm, also have lower prices than cooler months. Avoid going from mid-December to February, when it’s Lunar New Year, and prices are high.

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What’s the best time to visit Singapore?

Transitioning smoothly from one time period to another, let’s explore the best months to visit Singapore throughout the year:   In October and April, Singapore basks in a warm and tropical climate, which is ideal for exploration. These months allow you to avoid the haze from Indonesia’s burning season and escape the strongest winds of the southwest monsoon.   From August through November, Singapore experiences its low season. Nestled between the peak of the summer school holidays and the pre-Christmas rush, this window offers a quieter yet equally enchanting visit. With fewer fellow travelers, you’ll relish the city’s prominent attractions without the usual hustle for the perfect photo spot. Notably, this period also hosts cultural events, including the vibrant Hindu celebration of Deepavali, gracing Singapore’s Little India in either October or November.   From February to April, Singapore beckons with a delightful combination of favorable weather and lively festivals. During Chinese New Year and other public holidays, the city dazzles with lanterns, delectable pineapple tarts, and a palpable air of Lunar New Year merriment. While some local establishments may briefly close post-holiday, major malls and attractions remain open, though expect bustling crowds. In February, the Thaipusam festival features a procession of devotees, some displaying their devotion through piercing acts with metal hooks and skewers. Holi is celebrated in March, a highlight on the Hindu calendar. Across the island, revelers joyfully shower each other with vibrant powders. 

How to book cheap flights from Manila to Singapore?

The cheapest month to fly from Manila to Singapore is typically September. Additionally, Mondays tend to offer the lowest fares, and opting for an evening flight can also be a cost-effective choice. Among the carriers servicing this route, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar Asia, and Malaysia Airlines are the most popular choices for travelers.

How long is the flight to Singapore?

The longest flight from the United States to Singapore departs from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Here are the estimated flight durations from other U.S. cities:  
  • Los Angeles, California: 17 hours 10 minutes (nonstop)
  • Chicago, Illinois: 21  hours 45  minutes (connecting flight)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 22  hours 30 minutes (connecting flight)
  • Houston, Texas: 21  hours 50 minutes (connecting flight)
  • Miami, Florida: 22 hours 10 minutes (connecting flight)

How to get cheap flights to Singapore?

To find affordable flights to Singapore, use OneAir to search for flight deals. Upgrading to a Premium or Elite membership grants you unlimited exclusive discounts on private and corporate airfares not accessible to the general public.

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